I was part of something rich. A feeling of camaraderie took hold of me that I had never felt before.


I know how much work, time, sacrifice and effort it takes to make Eshel happen, and what you do is without a doubt life-saving and life-changing! Kol HaKavod, and tizku le’mitzvos!


To the sponsors, I cannot thank you enough for your support of Eshel!  There is no other place like Eshel for me, where I can speak so openly about all the different facets of my life as both a gay man and Orthodox Jew.


This is a fantastic, unique and vital program and I believe it is something special that brings together people who largely feel disenfranchised from the greater Jewish community.


You give people a great chizzuk and enable them to gain the community to imagine and seek wonderful lives for themselves.